About Catellus

Catellus Overview

Catellus is a national leader in mixed-use development, solving some of America’s most complex land challenges. With nearly 30 years of experience as a master developer, Catellus has transformed former airports, military bases and urban industrial sites into thriving retail, residential and commercial communities. Catellus also excels at executing the retail and office components of these complex projects, often serving as the vertical developer.

As master developer, vertical developer or both, Catellus developments thrive in their urban locations and attract some of the nation’s top tenants. Anchored by corporate headquarter facilities, hospitals, universities and other service organizations, Catellus mixed-use developments are highly valued in the local communities they serve.


In 1984, two railroad powerhouses, Santa Fe Industries and Southern Pacific Company, proposed a merger to form Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation. From this proposition, the two companies spun off a wholly owned subsidiary named Santa Fe Pacific Realty Corporation to conduct all non-railroad real estate activities.

In 1990, Santa Fe Pacific Reality became an independent, publicly traded company and was named Catellus. Fifteen years later, Catellus merged with ProLogis in a landmark $5 billion deal whereby Catellus’ industrial assets were added to ProLogis’ extensive industrial portfolio. Today, Catellus operates as an independent company based in
Oakland, California.