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Through private and public partnerships, Catellus projects demonstrate how former airports, closed military bases and vacated manufacturing sites can be transformed into thriving economic centers that create jobs, generate tax income, promote sustainable uses and build a sense of community.

Victoria By The Bay, Before and After
Transformed from an abandoned oil refinery, Victoria By The Bay in Hercules, California, is a thriving 206-acre, mixed-use development near San Francisco and Oakland.

Key Drivers of Catellus’ Success


Catellus has the breadth of experience, financial strength and professional talent to plan and manage all phases of a project, from visioning through entitlement, remediation through master planning and development through occupancy — and sometimes longer — through continued and ongoing property ownership and management.


Catellus projects redefine urbanism and raise local standards for development by delivering economic returns to cities and social and environmental value to the community and region.


Catellus is an expert at forming strong public/private partnerships that extend through the life of any development. This means being responsive to the local political climate, implementing thoughtfully designed plans for the public, recruiting local talent whenever possible, establishing local partnerships and managing with aplomb historic and environmentally sensitive properties.

Sustainable Development.

Catellus is committed to sustainable design and green building for all ongoing and future Catellus developments. Catellus projects are setting high standards for building green nationwide (for more information, click on the Green Development page).

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