Financial Strength

Catellus annually increases the size of its real estate holdings with new projects, advancing its eminent position as a leading master developer in the nation. Fiscal strength and a diversified portfolio afford Catellus the ability to manage developments from entitlement through predevelopment and construction.

What People are Saying

“Catellus’ track record for susccessfully completing large-scale urban redevelopment projects, particulary at “brownfield” sites, is unparalleled in the industry. When Honeywell decided to consolidate operations in 2007 from its Teterboro location, a site with a 90-year aviation history, we looked for a developer who could take control of the environmental challenges required for clean up and provide a vision for a sustainable mixed-use development that would best serve the needs of the community – a community that Honeywell took part for so many years. After careful consideration, we chose Catellus Development Group.”

Rick Kriva - Vice President, Global Real Estate, Honeywell International, Inc.