Ted R. Antenucci

President and Chief Executive Officer

As of March 2011, Ted R. Antenucci serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Catellus Development Corporation. Until June 2011, Mr. Antenucci was also President and Chief Investment Officer of Prologis as well as a member of Prologis’ Executive Committee and served on the Board of Directors for ProLogis European Properties (PEPR), a public fund trading on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam, from 2009 through June of 2011.

Before joining ProLogis in September 2005, Mr. Antenucci held the position of President of Catellus Commercial Development Corp., with responsibility for all development, construction and acquisition activities. Prior to that, Mr. Antenucci served as Executive Vice President of Catellus Commercial Group, where he managed the company’s industrial development activities throughout the western United States, including northern and southern California, Denver, Chicago, Dallas and Portland. His long tenure with Catellus began in 1995.

Mr. Antenucci has served on the Board of Directors of Hudson Pacific Properties, as well as on Hudson’s Audit Committee since June 2010. He is on the Board of Trustees of the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, a position he has held since December 2010. Mr. Antenucci was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Iron Mountain, Inc. in June of 2011.

Mr. Antenucci graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1986.