Alameda Landing and Bayport


The 218-acre site was once the home of the U.S. Navy’s Alameda Fleet Industrial Supply Center and East housing area. This area is fast becoming a vibrant mixed-use community, bringing 889 units of housing, of which 22% are affordable, including a Bayport residential community containing 632 homes, an elementary school and an 11-acre park. This project operates a Transportation demand management program featuring shuttles to mass transit, pilot estuary, water taxis and guaranteed ride home programs, with ride-share parking. This sustainable community has green spaces, energy-efficient buildings, pedestrian-oriented retail, and street trees in parking lot medians to reduce heat gain.

By the numbers

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Catellus, in partnership with the City of Alameda, has transformed the East Housing portion of the former Navy base into a vibrant community... This is how a public / private partnership is supposed to work.

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